• What to Wear For a Casual Hookup?

    So you’re someone who met a person to engage in a casual relationship with. You two have decided on a place and a date but you don’t know what to wear for the occasion. After all, there really isn’t any standard or a rulebook for hook ups when it comes to clothing. Your entire plan is to tear them away anyways. Though it isn’t the number 1 thing to be concerned about, don’t dismiss its value. You might have a great body and amazing sexual prowess, but what you wear is sort of important too. It’s important not because of the way your partner might judge you, but because clothes also play a great role in forming a sexual chemistry. Many would agree on the fact that it’s far sexier to slowly or passionately undress their partners rather than just jumping to bed naked straight away.


    There is something alluring about the way someone dresses up. It can open up many doors of possible sexual activities depending on what you are wearing.


    – If you are into roleplaying, clothes are of paramount importance since they help to sell the character you’re playing;
    – If you’re a girl, put on some high heels and don’t take them off when having sex;
    – If you’re a man, wear something that accentuates your bulge or your bottom;
    – To feel sexy, you need to dress sexy. It’s as simple as that.


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    All in all, think of creative ways in which you can dress up to ignite the sexual fire. Use your imagination and have the best time of your life.

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